Alicia Chastain

User Experience Design

I am a user experience designer who applies my problem-solving skills to creating projects that empower people.

In the context of business, I have helped Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and nonprofits create apps from the point of view of the people using them, not those making them. I accomplish this by synthesizing the requirements of diverse stakeholders to create easy to use products. My career began at IBM, where I authored three patents and was part of a team developing software that became the backbone for the internet.

In the context of public policy, I often apply my research and story-telling skills to make data accessible and understandable, so that people can advocate for policy changes. My policy work has included building a budget transparency tool and advocating for an Inclusionary Housing Ordinance, both in Oak Park, Illinois.

For all of my work, I operate with the empathy and insights I have gained through my experiences as a designer, a student government leader, and a community organizer. Please connect with me if you’d like to learn more.